Expecting a baby? Congratultations to the future parents from the Muzemie team!

At Muzemie, it is possible to create a customized baby registry to provide your little wonder and/or big brother and sister with cute clothes and original items.

You can create your baby registry online or you can also make an appointment so that you can see touch and feel the clothes in person. A baby registry can be created from as low as 5 items. These items will be reserved for you. Please note that there is a purchase obligation for items from the seasonal collection.

Parents can easily manage the baby registry at

When we close your baby registry afterwards, you will get a 10% discount voucher on the total purchased amount (excluding sales items and gift cards).

Interested to open a baby registry @ Muzemie or do you have questions? Feel free to contact us by


Hooray! A baby is born...

Baby registry Mattéo D'Hollander °28/08/2016